Thank you for taking a moment to explore my site. Like many others I’m looking for a creative outlet outside my 9-5;  to explore, develop and test out new skills; and to share my inspiration and favorite finds.

A long time enthusiastic blog reader, I’m an avid like’r, bookmark-er and pin-er. I send links to friends, reference blogger or a post I’ve read often and am constantly adding new finds to Feedly.   This space is my approach to take a step back from consuming all the great content to reflect, enjoy and share….and to  be inspired to create my own.

I’m the type of person who has one foot in creative and one foot in business…and find myself missing the other side when a step further into one end. I soak up all things marketing, trends and consumer behavior which is where the inquisitive part comes from. And while I might not have a direct artistic talent, through visual media I’m learning that creative is a very broad field and am discovering what it means to me.

Getting to know me:

  • Currently live in Boston, but will always be a New Yorker.
  • 30 is starting to look real close
  • I’ve worked for a (local) magazine, in advertising/production (commercials) and am currently in healthcare.
  • I have a passion for health & fitness – which is an ongoing exploration (as it should be) – I’m definitely about finding what works for you & what you enjoy.
  • In case you haven’t realized yet … I use ( ) a lot, have a tendency to list things in 3s , and have been known for a few run on sentences…often offset by fragments.

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