What I’m telling my friends …

glitter easter eggs

{Miss Renaissance DIY  tutorial via Glitter Guide}

… To read
Yes, Please I just finished Amy Poehler’s book. So many take aways! I borrowed it from the library (yes that’s still a thing)…and within the first chapter knew I already needed my own copy to highlight, bookmark, re-read and sit on my shelf being awesome.
… To watch
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I’m probably not the first to tell you about this show but I can tell you that it had me laughing out loud…a lot …and loudly. As someone who over-thinks/analyzes/rationalizes often this was straight up pure enjoyment.
… To join
New Balance Girls Night Out I attended my first event this week. It hit all levels of geek mode for me : fitness, events, marketing and networking. 
… To do
Sweat with Lauren Hefez workouts. Not only did I attend this event led by Lauren yesterday, but I’ve been trying different routines/videos – wedding arms workout seems appropriate as my bridesmaid dress came in this week. 
… To try
FlyBarre . {recap to come over on Adventures of W

… To shop
These booties. I bought them in black about a month ago and have already worn them so much. In fact I just purchased a pair in Taupe as well!
… To eat/drink
Revolution Juice.  I stopped by with my co-worker after we tried FlyBarre to get smoothies (we dubbed it a #BasicbutGood weekend…) The woman behind the counter (the owner?) was super friendly and they have  a great menu and business belief



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