5 Favorites: The Everygirl Home Tour Series

A recent change in my apartment had me flipping pinning through the archives of one of my favorite home tour series on The Everygirl for some home decor inspiration. 


The Everygirl’s Home Tour Series 
  1. Nikki Rappaport’s D.C. Studio 
  2.  Jessie Epley Short’s Raleigh Home 
  3. Nicole McQuade’s Chicago Apartment 
  4. Lauren McCaul’s Alabama Home
  5. Cat Cantrell’s Houston Garage Apartment 

Not only is it fun to get a peak inside someone’s home but  also to see a range of styles and different living situations. It’s just the right mix of fantasy and relatable for me. The Everygirl also has a bunch of tips and guides in their Decor & Styling series.  Plus each home tour features a profile of the lovely lady that lives there…so you know I’m going back to re-read for some #CareerCrush inspiration. I told you I love The Everygirl.



What I’m telling my friends …

glitter easter eggs

{Miss Renaissance DIY  tutorial via Glitter Guide}

… To read
Yes, Please I just finished Amy Poehler’s book. So many take aways! I borrowed it from the library (yes that’s still a thing)…and within the first chapter knew I already needed my own copy to highlight, bookmark, re-read and sit on my shelf being awesome.
… To watch
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I’m probably not the first to tell you about this show but I can tell you that it had me laughing out loud…a lot …and loudly. As someone who over-thinks/analyzes/rationalizes often this was straight up pure enjoyment.
… To join
New Balance Girls Night Out I attended my first event this week. It hit all levels of geek mode for me : fitness, events, marketing and networking. 
… To do
Sweat with Lauren Hefez workouts. Not only did I attend this event led by Lauren yesterday, but I’ve been trying different routines/videos – wedding arms workout seems appropriate as my bridesmaid dress came in this week. 
… To try
FlyBarre . {recap to come over on Adventures of W

… To shop
These booties. I bought them in black about a month ago and have already worn them so much. In fact I just purchased a pair in Taupe as well!
… To eat/drink
Revolution Juice.  I stopped by with my co-worker after we tried FlyBarre to get smoothies (we dubbed it a #BasicbutGood weekend…) The woman behind the counter (the owner?) was super friendly and they have  a great menu and business belief