Career Crush: Danielle Moss of The Everygirl – The Lively Show Feature

CareerCrush Logo_IP  While The Everygirl deserves a #careercrush feature in it’s own right,  today focuses my spotlight a little more directly on one of it’s co-founders….even more specifically on a particular feature she was interviewed on.


{click to listen}

In re-listening to the The Lively Show with Danielle Moss, I found it all so very relatable – much as The Everygirl. A combination of the best friend you grew up next door to and the warm friendly new kid in class that brings stories and tales of a world outside your own.

In the podcast the conversation focuses on “Finding Your Bliss”  – Danielle touches upon 3 major life changes that made a significant impact :

  1. Moving to a new city (Chicago)
  2. Launching The Everygirl
  3. Discovering/joining Crossfit

I too was 27 when I moved to a new (albeit familiar and filled with some of my closest friends) city – and it wasn’t for the desire of the city itself but for the vulnerability of needing to force change. Similarly,  I know this wont be my forever city but that it was a necessary move and I’m happy for what it offers me for right now.

Her perspective on workouts is also very identifiable (as well as Jess Lively’s)  – about finding that peace when you stop chasing after the skinny and the should-haves, should-dos and find what you enjoy. For her that’s Crossfit. For me it’s spinning. And sometimes yoga. And sometimes running. Each has their own flavor of Kool-Aid. Whether you stick to one flavor or taste a little of each – if it enhances your life than I say drink up (not the real stuff – that’s gross). Find what you like.

I haven’t quite found my version of launching of The Everygirl yet. However, I fully intend to devour all that the site offers to help me figure out exactly what that may be for me. As I enter my last year of my 20s, a year focused on growth, I feel that I’m on that path to making that discovery. Danielle talks about her early 20s being a time of feeling lost and being stressed about feeling lost, while late 20s are about finding who you are, where early 30s is about it all coming together and choosing what you let stress you out – or equally important: what you don’t.  I’m in between that 2nd and 3rd phase and it brings an equal sense of energy and calm.

…Her perspective on being a single 30 year is a good listen as well…

If you’re not familiar with The Lively Show (a relatively new discover for me!), I highly recommend checking out all the podcasts. Same with the The Everygirl!

You can bet that I’ll be back with more #careercrush for and from both of these sources!



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