Birthday Brunch

 Paris may always be a good idea – but so is brunch! After a night on the town, a celebration sweat session what perfect way to bring birthday weekend to an end than brunch. 

The options are endless when it comes to putting a brunch fete. Do you stations or bite size? Or a station of bit size treats? Do you do savory or sweet? And don’t forget the drinks! A coffee station is a must for me! But don’t forget about the bloody-marys and mimosas – it is a celebration after all. Something refreshing like a juice bar? Waffles, pancakes, french toast …oh my!….mini quiches, yogurt parfaits and bagels…all to your liking. 


pancake bar || juice bar || coffee bar {baby shower} || pancake stack {wedding cake alternatives} || yogurt bar {sprinkle sleepover party}|| donut bar  {food bars} || pancakes

Wherever you brunch, here are some looks I’d be happy to wear as I sipped my iced coffee….


dress in black || black & grey || layered || chevron {’11}


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