Wants & Wishes : Birthday Wishlist

With just under an hour left of my birthday I have to squeeze in a chance to share some of my current wants & wishes ….

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  1. I have yet to pick out what has become my annual birthday bauble.… I think I can find a few options.
  2. Already professing my love of ABD as a #careercrush  – this mug would be the perfect start to my collection as I’m trying to establish that AM lemon water routine.
  3. Sweetgreen – it’s what’s for dinner. Or at least it was for this evening. It brings me back to the made to order salad days of ordered in lunch at the office …. only better #qualityingredients (I foreshadow a #careercrush…..) I struggle with dinners and have a SG location near both of my frequent gym stops/commute home. A gift card would definitely be put to use….just saying…
  4. Another gift card idea – have you heard of ClassPass? Obsessed with the concept (yes, another #careercrush foreshadow…). I have yet to try it out as it’s pricier than my current gym membership but think it’s a great option for trying out the boutique fitness places around town.
  5. I’ve been checking out recent events at General Assembly and am eyeing some upcoming courses – a credit to attend an event or workshop or take a class would be a great idea …plus a little added support to a recipient who is looking to learn & grow.
  6. A print from Inslee is a long running wishlist item …. and have you heard? Daphne is on Instagram as well! I would also take a vacation to anywhere without snow right about now, which Daphne is clearly enjoying.
  7. Nourish Your Soul is a Boston based juice bar – like Sweetgreen salads …it’s just better when someone else makes it. always. However my wallet says that I must by groceries and make things myself so a few green juices would be a welcomed treat (yes for real).
  8. Speaking of healthy treats, birthday cake is out this year as I’m on a non-sugar deal at the moment (not even the natural stuff). However I discovered the magic of cacao and coconut oil that makes chocolate….which I make pretty much nightly.
  9. I have a pair of OTK boots that need to be returned to Zappos (like 4 weeks ago…) and while I’ve spied these Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots on all.the.bloggers and have gone to pin them each time, they are just a wee bit out of my price range. And by that I mean a lot.
  10. Another I Spy item – I have a growing obsession for draped jackets and sweaters and this one keeps popping up. While I hesitate to stir up the weather gods with the mention of hope of spring … this would be a great option. But I suppose I should move down from my Canadian Goose version of a coat to my light weight puffer first…(coat game is serious – so many levels).



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