Something to Give: Birthday Cards

Continuing with the birthday month week (today was my boss’) let’s talk birthday cards…

 I am the worst at sending/giving birthday cards. Any cards really. Awful really. I pick out cards with great care, careful not to pick a default salutation in fear of it appearing fake…and for it not convey my feels…..

…. and then I don’t give them. My dad’s birthday card? Perfect wording. Two years later it still sits in the pile. B’s card about chocolate cake? I believe that’s 3 years old and I no longer eat cake. A’s card – well does belated count if it’s 4 years after the purchase date?

But here’s the kicker, once I purchase the card and don’t give it to the intended recipient – it can’t go to anyone else….so there it sits. In a pile of orphaned cards hoping one day that it will be sent to it’s rightful owner.

I had a roommate, J, who needed to take stock in cards – cards of all sort. Both in terms of a broad collection at hand and investment in a paper company. Any run to the drugstore, Target or anywhere that sold a form of greeting card endured some time spent perusing. And she sent them! Mailed them near and far – all in a timely manner.

…..I send my friends links, posts and headlines….

My carefully selected sentiments to convey the deepest of feelings  ….. well what good are those if they’re never shared?

And to deepen my shame …. my growing admiration for print and letterpress and the broadening range of messages (some friends need sparkle, some friends need sarcasm).  Below are a few top picks leaning more towards the sparkle spectrum.  Many from a new favorite find : The Society Type

Are you a card giver? What/where is your favorite card source?


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