Career Crush: Sugar Paper + Loverly

Keeping in theme with C’s upcoming bridal shower this weekend, I picked two popular wedding resources for this week’s #careercrush  – the hub for all one’s wedding planning needs: Loverly; and one of the leaders in all things print: Sugar Paper Los Angeles. I dug into the #BookmarkedArchieves for a few features from 2013 that I had saved and wanted to share some of my highlights & takeaways. Oh and can we say #OfficeEnvy – how pin-able are both of these spaces??

CareerCrush Logo_IP          Chelsea Shukov & Jamie Grobecker

Co-founders of sugarpaper_logoSugarPaper_Everygirl

The Everygirl asked some great questions about the start and build of the company in their October 2013  Career Profile – plus their photo-shoot has me wishing I could move into the letterpress company’s studio. The details (that chair! #gimme), the bright & happy, the organization…and of course the print. You bet I went on a pinning spree.

My highlights:

  • Both ladies started their professional careers as an assistant (#beentheredonethat)
  • Started in 2003, they launched their wholesale line in 2011
  •  TheEverygirl asked: Did you ever struggle with handing over the reigns to other designers?  Which I thought was a great question. The response:

No, we have never struggled with that. Jamie and I are very involved in the art direction of everything we make. Plus, Erika, our head designer, has been with us for eight years. We all learned our skills together and have collectively shaped the brand. Any young designer who works with us learns the brand over time. We have a very clear brand identity and we work hard to remain true to it.

 Chelsea was profiled on Career Contessa the following month in November 2013


She had some great quotes and pieces of advice, my favorite: 

  • “Someone had told me once, if you look up and you don’t want anyone’s job above you, you’re in the wrong place.”
  • “There’s something really interesting about stationery that seems counterintuitive: stationery is viral. When you do a hundred wedding invitations for somebody that go to a hundred houses, people take notice of the product.” <– I never thought of that, but makes total sense
  • They find inspiration from Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Pinterest (don’t we all…
  • “I feel like you have to know what your thing is and be really confident in that.”
  • “I had a coach tell me that the best feeling is exhaustion after victory and I do feel like some of the best moments are at midnight on December 20th when my whole team is here laughing, drinking wine and tying bows.”

In both profiles they were asked about and discussed pricing for their products and services. It was interesting to read that while they struggled with finding the right price at first and ended up under-pricing from a business perspective, they’ve since learned the value of their product – high quality, hand crafted work  and that while it may be pricey, you’re getting what you pay for.

CareerCrush Logo_IP

Kellee Kahlil

CEO & Founder of: Loverly_Logo

Kellee participated in Levo League’s #OfficeHours back in November 2013. Haven’t heard of #OfficeHours? It’s a:

30-minute video chat with extraordinary leaders. The live Q&A session grants you an exclusive inside look into the career path, lessons learned and personal advice from top leaders and experts.

Kellee gave some insight to how Loverly came to be and then answered some great questions from fellow Levo League members on running a business, management and mentorship. Worth watching/listening to the whole video here.

My hightlights:

  • Out of college, Kellee took a high paying job (Finance), knowing she’d need to save / create security for later on pursuing a passion.
  • Started exploring the wedding market when joining her sister’s niche PR company – realized that the “search was broken” for weddings – no one hub to search and save all things wedding.
  • Most people give the canned response of “no day is ever the same” when asked for a day in a life. But Kellee seems to have a structure of starting the day with internal meetings and check-ins, blocking 12-2p as a no meeting zone to concentrate on work and rounds out the afternoon with external meetings which can run over into business dinners and networking events. While my day is far from the same, it seems like a very effective guideline for organizing tasks and days.
  • She talks about Networking Karma – don’t just seek out what someone can do for you – increase your “network equity”


Kellee was also profiled on Career Contessa –  a must read not only for the wisdom and insight but also for the sneak peek into the Loverly office.  #officeenvy #allthingspink

More press & interviews found on Loverly’s website

I look forward to checking out additional & more recent brand updates from these two companies – like diving into all the amazing collaborations Sugar Paper has worked on or fully exploring all the great content Loverly offers and how they’ve expanded into e-commerce. #27dresses



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