5 Favorites: Winter Bridal Shower Outfits

In the search of what to wear this Saturday …. 
bridalshoweroutfitsWinter Bridal/Baby Shower Outfits
5 Favorites - Mint
Outfit #1: I’ve been spotting this blazer on/from a view bloggers and love each time. The navy dress is something I would definitely have in my closet.
Outfit #2: This one is more of my wishlist outfit as this dress form isn’t the best selection for my body
Outfit #3: This one is totally me. The dress is my style and my fit. I’m rarely one to pick pearls but I love this layered necklace from BaubleBar. Though given the current weather and my affinity for scarves I’d probably save the necklace for spring and layer on a scarf. #securityblanket
Outfit #4: This one is again more of the imaginary closest option as I don’t see being able to re-wear the dress a whole lot and right now I’m focusing on re-purposing wardrobe items. #officedont
Outfit #5: This is one I’ll be most likely to mimic as I have a similar dress and those boots are a recent addition that I’ve been wearing non-stop (you know, when I’m not wearing snow-boots…)

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