Career Crush: Ashley Brooke Designs

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Ashley Brooke, 26, Owner & Creative Director of


                                        Creative Studio & Lifestyle Brand

Ashley Brooke Designs is for the girl who loves life, and is always looking for an opportunity to be just a bit sassy!! Our brand has really become a lifestyle brand and I think that sets us a part in a BIG way. When you buy something from ABD you are buying a feeling and that is what we want.
– Gorgeous Chaos 

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It’s safe to say that I’m seriously crushing on all things Ashley Brooke Designs. #ILoveABD
As someone who goes weak in the knees for anything and everything branding & marketing – I’m loving what the ABD team puts out:

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The signature ABD style is all about bold colors and catchy sayings and is created by a team that loves to celebrate both the big moments in life and the everyday adventures.    – ltd365

Some of my favorite quotes from interviews with Ashley  found around the interwebs {all linked/referenced below} :

How do you think your brand is similar to your personality? Oh gosh, it’s one in the same… the only difference is that ABD has a bit of “stage make-up” on! And honestly that is what I love most about my job–that I get to literally be myself every day, just a more “saturated” version! — Her Campus  
What is one thing that you wish you had known when you were starting out?
To put my personality into my business. When I started out, I wanted to keep my business separate from who I was personally, and I realized that I was working 15 times as hard each day to create something that wasn’t me! But when I stopped doing that and started creating products for me and not what I “thought” my clients wanted, my business life changed dramatically! I love my job now; it’s so easy to wake up everyday and know I get to be the best version of myself each and every day! — The Preppy Grad
What is your most successful form of marketing?
I have a great support team and wonderful sponsors. I use social media and blogs to make connections with my target market. The technique I like most is third party marketing.  I think people don’t really believe in or want a product until their friends love it, you know? — Social Stylate
“You being so bossy is one of my favorite qualities you possess, and one day this whole bossy thing will work to your advantage, but child, today is not that day.”  [advice from her father growing up] — The Well


Go on Alice, fall down the sassy, fabulous and accomplished rabbit hole of Ashley Brooke Designs :

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ABD Monthly

ABD Events College

ABD Collaboration College

  • Business Services 
    • Branding Consultations
    • Webinars
    • Speaking Engagement

ABD Branding College_IP

The ABD team is #KillingIt with the hashtags    


Now who has a little extra kick of pep from their coffee/tea/water/green smoothie  and is ready to make things happen??

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