Take a pinch of courage, a dash of creativity and an abundance of inspiration…

Welcome to Inquisitive Perspective! 

 IP Moodboard

As a fervent & long-time book-marker, blog reader and mentor seeker I look forward to sharing, exploring and creatively playing through this platform.

I already have a few series outlined I’m excited to share:

Moodboards: Each week is driven by a themed inspiration, kicking off the week is a moodboard to set the tone, sprinkled with additional visions through the week.

5 Favorites: My attempt to go back to all those pins, bookmarks & favorites  and take a moment to savor them – challenging myself to pick the top 5 for the theme.

Wants & Needs: A collection of items I’m looking, craving or wishing for. I should state the obvious in that Needs is a very light term here, as it extends beyond the basic needs of survival and even the few levels after that – it’s more of the items that I’m thoughtfully looking to build my wardrobe with methodically.

Something to give: Inspired by friends & family, upcoming weddings, new babies, milestone birthday and the like. Items that make me think of others.

Career Crush: Profiles & interviews I’ve booked-marked by people who inspire me, career roles I covet or industries I’m exploring.

Pinboards: Sharing my related boards

Related Links: When there’s just so much more to include.

I’m the type of person who is between creative and business, longing for the other during those times I’m settled in one side and not quite sure where I stand in between. I hope to push myself creatively, grow professionally, learn the skills that execute my vision and explore the design & creative side of blogging.

Thank you for taking the time stop by!



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